Finally catchup on ES6


I have managed to avoid most of the gnarly details of javascript beyond ES5 for many years. Unfortunately a side project has driven me to finally take it on board. These are my notes, gleaned mostly by reading ES6 In Depth from Jason Orendorff of Mozilla.

I now know enough to be more dangerous.

Behaviours not Errors

Overview Recently, I have been thinking about my preference for structured logging (details on this in to-be-written entry). A trivial but significant aspect of this, is that once you have switched to structured logging, markers like INFO, DEBUG, ERROR,… don't help. Simply grouping such a wide range of code paths into these categories is insufficient for any kind of analysis. What is an error? An error is a local failure scenario that you don't currently understand - our continuous improvement process for error handling aims to move all these anomalies in the system from unknown to known.

It's called Software for a reason

Making a change

When making a change to an existing piece of software I think there are broadly 2 options;

  1. Get in and out, change as little as possible
  2. Restructure the code to fit the new requirement